Advanced Education Technology

Certificate Program

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Course Details

Start Date

January 2020

Course Type

100% online, includes synchronous and asynchronous coursework


Current K–12 teacher or administrator


One semester (15 weeks)


*U-M Alumni discount $650

Completion Outcomes

Professional certificate and/or
45 SCECH hours

University of Michigan Advanced Education Technology Certificate

Education technologies for meaningful and transformative learning

The University of Michigan School of Education Advanced Education Technology Certificate is a competency-based teacher certification that aligns with the ISTE Standards for Educators (nationally recognized standards in K–16 teaching with technology).

The program develops educators who will use educational technologies for learning in meaningful and transformative ways. School administrators and P–12 teachers work together on developing a research-based framework with technology in learning, allowing for rich discussions from both perspectives. In addition, participants will be connecting the ISTE competencies in this certificate program to their own P–12 classrooms and schools, thus creating lessons and professional development projects around their school's particular needs and demographics.

The program has a strong focus on pedagogy and instructional design that integrates technology tools. Successful participants complete a portfolio meeting all seven of the ISTE Standards for Educators and earn a certificate in Advanced Education Technology from the U-M School of Education. In addition, participants will develop a systematic competency in teaching and learning with technology.

  • Preparing educators to become digital leaders in their school district and learning communities
  • Developing a common language and knowledge on research-informed frameworks in technology education such as the Triple E Framework and others to evaluate and integrate technology in their K–12 classroom
  • Applying technology to build professional networks and participating in teaching and learning online
  • Understanding how to integrate technology to create collaboration opportunities for student and educator learning
  • Leveraging current and past research on education technology and the learning sciences in order to apply research to instructional methods
  • Applying education technology to instructional design principles
  • Understanding digital inequities and how to participate in advocacy work
  • Analyzing digital data to support personalized learning plans
  • Preparing and teaching the next generation about digital citizenship


This program is the “next step” for many educators and school administrators. This program is not about learning new digital tools, rather it is about learning pedagogical and research-informed strategies for integrating and evaluating learning technologies. It provides a common framework for teachers and administrators to assess and discuss digital learning tools.


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Course Curriculum

Participants will complete these live sessions over the course of the program, producing 10 original artifacts for their teaching with technology portfolios to earn their Advanced Education Technology Certificate from the University of Michigan based on the ISTE Standards for Educators.

Course Instructors

Liz Keren-Kolb

Liz Keren-Kolb

Clinical Associate Professor

Kolb is a clinical associate professor of education technologies at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. She teaches courses in education technology for the undergraduate elementary, undergraduate secondary, and Master’s and Certification programs. She authored Toys to Tools: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education (published by ISTE in 2008), Cell Phones in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for the K–12 Educator (published by ISTE in 2011), Help Your Child Learn With Their Cell Phone and Web 2.0 (published by ISTE in 2013), and Learning First, Technology Second (published by ISTE in 2017).  

She is a MACUL board member and a member of the COSN advisory board for mobile learning and emerging technologies. She is passionate about engaging students in education and leveraging learning opportunity through digital technologies. Kolb is also the creator and coordinator of the Triple E Framework, which is an open-source framework for K–12 teachers and administrators to use to assess the effectiveness of technology in lesson plans. Kolb is a former social studies and computer technology teacher. In addition, she spent 4 years as a technology coordinator and integration specialist in Ohio.

Kevin Upton

Kevin Upton

Educational Studies Lecturer

Kevin B. Upton is a lecturer in the Teacher Education program at the University of Michigan School of Education. He has 20 years of professional experience in K–12 public education and currently serves as the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction in the Lincoln Consolidated Schools District. Kevin’s areas of expertise are at the intersection of inquiry-based learning and educational technology—topics on which he has provided professional development across a range of school districts and focused coursework in elementary and secondary teacher education. Kevin has published pieces in the MACUL Journal and in NCTE's Voices from the Middle, and has presented regularly at professional conferences.

As a school district leader, Kevin manages six school buildings, designs professional development programming, coordinates state and federal funding, provides coaching around personnel issues, and represents the school district in various local, state, and national contexts. As a former teacher of technology and science across all grade levels from pre-K to grade 12, Kevin has both wide and deep pedagogical expertise in both urban and rural contexts. Across all of these roles, Kevin is committed to advocating for equity on behalf of students of diverse backgrounds. He is known to frequently refer to his steadfast belief that every decision made in education should be anchored in responding to the unique needs of the student populations being served.

Darin Stockdill

Peter Pasque

Educational Technology Lecturer

Pete Pasque is a lecturer at the University of Michigan in Educational Technology for the Master of Arts in Educational Studies and the Secondary Teacher Education Program. He is a member of the curriculum writing team and a lecturer for the University of Michigan Advanced Education Technology Certificate.

Pete served on the primary team for the design of Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, charged with the integration of educational technology throughout the diverse curricula. He was lead teacher of Educational Technology at Skyline for the school’s first nine years. Prior to his work at Skyline, he led the technology education curriculum at Roberto Clemente, a school for at-risk high school students in Ann Arbor Public Schools. He has published articles in Public Services Quarterly (2013), School Library Journal (2012), and School Library Monthly (2011) as well as having a classroom project featured in the Make: Magazine blog (2006). Pete has presented at regional, national, and international educational technology conferences, and he was invited to Singapore, by the Institute of International Education, where he participated in the Toyota STEAM program. Pete runs the Maker Fair at the Ann Arbor Open School and is on the organizing committee for the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire.

Enroll in the University of Michigan Advanced Education Technology Certificate Program

This program has been developed for any P–12 educator who is currently teaching or working as an administrator in a P–12 school. The program is designed to support an individual teacher/administrator or a whole district/school interested in systematic professional development around education technology.


$650 for U-M Alumni


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The curriculum will be modified to fit the needs of the district or school. (Cost is dependent on the total number of participants.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
Registration for University of Michigan Advanced Education Technology Program will occur through the University of Michigan School of Education’s Canvas website. Once participants are registered, they will receive an email with more instructions about the AETP program.

What is the time commitment?
There will be 17.5 hours of synchronous course meetings made up of 7 2.5 hour sessions every other week at a regular time. There will also be 24.5 hours of asynchronous coursework over the course of a semester.

What credentials do I receive upon completion?
Upon completion, you will receive:

  • 45 SCECH hours for anyone with a Michigan teaching license (no additional costs)
  • An official University of Michigan Advanced Education Technology Certificate
  • An affiliation with the University of Michigan Global Community and Network

What are the technology requirements for participation?
All participants will be expected to use the following tools in order to fully participate in the program:

  • The asynchronous portion of the program operates in Canvas.
  • The synchronous portion of the program operates through Big Blue Button.
  • A stable broadband Internet connection is needed for the synchronous sessions.
  • Google Tools are used throughout the program (Docs, Slides, Forms, and Sheets).
  • Microphones and Web cameras are strongly advised, although not required.

Online Meetings

Our Winter AETP program has seven required live synchronous meetings on Tuesday evenings. For the Winter 2020 AETP we will be meeting on the following dates and times. If you have a conflict, please email Dr. Liz Kolb to see if a modification can be arranged.

  • Tuesday January 7th 5:30pm to 7:30pm ET
  • Tuesday January 14th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday January 28th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday February 11th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday February 25th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday March 10th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday March 24th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET

Our Fall AETP program has seven required live synchronous meetings on Tuesday evenings. For the Fall 2020 AETP we will be meeting on the following dates and times. If you have a conflict, please email Dr. Liz Kolb to see if a modification can be arranged.

  • Tuesday September 1st 5:30pm to 7:30pm ET
  • Tuesday September 8th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday September 22nd 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday October 6th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday October 20th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday November 3rd 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET
  • Tuesday November 17th 5:30pm to 8:00pm ET


Please contact Dr. Liz Kolb with any questions regarding the University of Michigan Advanced Education Technology Certificate.

AETP was developed in partnership with the Center for Academic Innovation.